Over the past few years that I’ve been sewing I’ve only ever made clothing for summer. Maybe because they are often simpler and my fabric of choice is  cotton, which is a good summer fabric. Since I’ve started the blog and had more time to sew I’ve grown to really love wearing all my handmades and do not want this to stop when the weather cools. Here  are some patterns that I’d love to make.

1.  Delphine Skirt – Tilly and the Buttons from her first book ‘Love at First Stitch’

I bought this purple and blue patterned and textured fabric to make this. As it’s a thick material hopefully this will work with boots and a turtleneck all winter. This pattern was the first pattern I ever made and wore out in the world. It will be nice to return to the same pattern years later with much better sewing skills. Hopefully I can get the invisible zipper right this time!

2. Munroe Turtleneck – Tessuti

This is a free pattern and I’m really looking forward to making as it will be my first make with knit fabric. I hope this will be a good starting pattern and the boxy fit should disguise any potentially dodgy stitching. I’ve got some navy knit fabric to make this in.

3. Burnside Bibs– Sew House Seven

I’m thinking these in a black cord but haven’t yet found some fabric. I’m really trying to move away from my go to dark skinny jeans I wear all winter so hopefully these wide legs will add some diversity. I really like this version by Designs by Lindsey. As much as I love these I do own a few pinafores, jumpsuits and overalls so this will be last on my list as I need a bit of diversity!

4. All the patterns from the new Tilly and the Buttons book ‘Stretch

Many of patterns in this book look like things I could imagine wearing all winter long, although I particularily like Freya pattern, both the top and dress. Tilly’s last book was so useful to learn some skills as Tilly’s instructions for both construction and theory are so well explained, so I’m really excited for her new book.

5. Ninni Elastic Culottes – Named Patterns

These just look so comfy and a good winter pant wore with boots. I love the elastic waist that means no zipper to insert and leaves a nice gathered drape. It will make these super easy to wear as they nice but not too formal for everyday wear as culottes with pleats can sometimes be.

6. Kommatia Patterns Open Back Bodysuit 

As I own a few turtlenecks and have a few on this list, I will probably be living in them this winter. They are so comfy, warm and always make an outfit look put together. I’m a little nervous about trying this pattern for a few reasons. Firstly, I’m inexperienced with knit. Secondly, Kommatia Patterns doesn’t show the final garment on a person and I can’t find many versions of this online. However, the line drawings do look good and I like the idea of an open back turtle neck bodysuit that would dress up any outfit.

As Uni is now back I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to sew until the July holidays,so until then I’ll just have to gather fabric and supplies so I’m all ready to sew when the holidays come!