Tully is our family’s mini schnauzer.  Her favourite pastimes are chasing birds, eating and laying comfortably in the sun.  I made her this dog bed when we couldn’t find one we liked and that was inexpensive. This seemed like a perfect project for me as a quick and easy sew, and that I could finish in an afternoon. 

For the inner of the bed  I used a child’s bean bag that I already had and then  I used a heavy denim for a stronger, more dog friendly cover. If you don’t already have a bean bag to use it would be best to sew an inner sightly smaller than the cover and then stuff it with either beans or stuffing. This means that you can wash the outside without worrying about damaging the filling. Instead of denim a soft fleece, woven wool, heavy linen or cotton could work just as well.

To sew the cover…

  1. Cut 1 oval just larger than the desired size of the final dog bed (to account for seam allowance).
  2. There is a zipper in the centre back so you need to create two half ovals. To do this fold the already cut oval in half lengthways and trace adding 1cm seam allowance on the long straight edge. Cut two.
  3. Insert a zipper to the middle of the two halves of the oval. Sew along the entire seam to create one oval with a zipper in the middle as shown below.
  4. Pin the side band to the outsides of the ovals right sides facing in and sew around to create a bag that the bean bag will sit inside. Finish all seams and turn inside out through the zipper hole.

Tully is always to be found laying on her bed sleeping, catching any sun that comes through the windows in the afternoon so this project was a success. 

Fabric- Heavy weight denim from Spotlight

Pattern- Self drafted