I realised when I started this blog that almost everything I have sewn has been blue, so making this I was determined to use some old red fabric and change the colour scheme. I bought this fabric a few years ago  for a school event in which I had to wear red and made a Purl Soho Boxy Top, a pattern I’d made before. However, in my rush to make something, I cut the wrong size ending up with a top a few sizes too big and also picked a material way to stiff for this kind of boxy top so I never finished it. Luckily I had enough fabric left that I could cut up the top and remake it into something that I know I’ll actually wear.

I followed the instructions on the Felted Fox website. I was a little nervous about this make because I didn’t make a toile and this was a one size only pattern. I just blindly followed instructions in the hopes that the top would turn out ok. Luckily, the instructions were clear and only minor alternations were needed. I added a little bitt of extra length at the back, a small tuck above the join of the wrap pieces to eliminate some gaping as well as taking in the side seams. However for a free pattern that was one size only these were minor and super easy to do so no problem at all. 

My final top seems to be a little less cropped than the original (or maybe all the skirts and jeans I own are just high waisted) which I think works better with my style, so was a bonus for me, as I don’t usually wear cropped tops. It also sits a little differently due to the weight and stiffness of the fabric but I don’t mind it too much and it’ll be good to have something I made in my wardrobe that’s not blue!


FABRIC:      Heavy weight cotton.  Spotlight

PATTERN:  Felted Fox