This dress has become an unexpected favorite in my wardrobe. I never had a very clear idea of what this dress was to be when I started it and the dress constantly evolved over the sewing process. I had two meters left of a blue and white striped rayon from another project and wanted to make a flowy dress that would be easy to wear. I did a bit of Pinterest searching for inspiration and ended up with this blend of a few dresses I saw. This dress is made of  three rectangles so is a great simple design that made with rayon (which has a fair amount of drape) allowed for a little bit of my dodgy underarm stitching to be covered up.

  1. Cut three rectangles of fabric. One that is twice the height of the sleeve x length from end of each sleeve (I just used the entire width of the fabric and hemmed later). Cut two rectangles the width of body rectangles x length of skirt. Remember to include seam and hemming allowances in measurements. 
  2. Cut neck hole in bodice rectangle by folding it in half twice to find the middle point then opening it up and tracing an oval around this point. My neckhole has an 8cm radius and was 13cm deep at the front and 3cm deep and the back.
  3. Measure to find the desired width of the body and sew from either end of the body piece to create sleeves, I sewed 33cm in for mine. 
  4. Gather the top length of the skirt pieces to the width of the body.
  5. Sew the skirts together along the side seams.
  6. Attach skirt to bodice. At the point where the skirt and top meet under the arms there is a large bulk of fabric due to three seams meeting so it is helpful to cut down these seams and maybe hand sew a bit at the point just to make it look a little bit cleaner. You could also sew a little higher as indicated in the dotted line on the diagram and trim seam allowance to further eliminate this bulk if it makes the sleeves hang badly. 
  7. Cut a V shaped slit in the middle back of the neck hole 10cm long.  Sew the long stripes of fabric right sides in lengthways to create 2 long tubes. Turn inside out and sew to the tops of the neck hole V slit on either side.
  8. Finish nec khole (I used bias binding) and hem armholes and skirt.

This dress ended up super flowy and exactly what I needed in my summer wardrobe. Although it took me 5 days of procrastination to finally finish the seams and hem I am very glad I got it done with plenty of summer left so I can wear it often!

Pattern- Self Drafted

Fabric – Spotlight