I’ve been wanting a pair of high waisted paper bag shorts for a while and when I found this free pattern in Peppermint magazine I knew I had to make some.  I was excited to be making shorts as I don’t often sew bottoms, making a lot of tops and dresses, and they have huge  pockets and shorts should not exist without pockets. 

I followed the pattern perfectly and made no changes, apart from not adding in the drawstring at the end and leaving the elasticated waistband as is.  I did add the button holes for the drawstring before I made this decision so there are button holes in the front of my shorts but they are mostly hidden. I hadn’t sewed with a pattern for a while so really enjoyed this sew as no guesswork was involved. The PDF pattern was also super easy to put together as the gridlines on each pieces offered multiple points on each page that joined together. This meant that for the first time when I had taped all the paper together it lay completely flat. Normally I end up with lots of bumps where the pages don’t quite match up at the end. I also really like the inclusion of hem band which made the hemming super easy and simple with no pinning, measuring and folding like is normally needed for a hem which if often why I procrastinate doing them. 

I really like this style as it’s just a tad more dressed up than my usual denim shorts and the elasticated waist and baggy style make them super comfy to wear.  I’m sure these will get a lot of use of them for the rest of summer.


Pattern – Drawstring Shorts – Pattern Runway for Peppermint Magazine

Fabric  –  Navy Linen from the Fabric Store