This top was initially a basic child’s dress with straps and a gathered elastic waist. Mum bought it online and, as it didn’t quite fit my sister or I, it has sat idly in the wardrobe. I decided it was time to give it a new life as the fabric is really lovely.  This is so far the only thing I’ve made from an existing garment but I loved the fact that I could recycle the dress so that it wasn’t a waste. It made the environmentally conscious part of me very happy.

This was easier than making a top from scratch as I was able to avoid inserting elastic, hemming and making straps because these were already in the dress and I could repurpose them. My least favourite part of sewing is hemming and I often procrastinate about doing this, so I really enjoyed this not being a part of this project. 

Here is how I made it- 

  1. First I cut the skirt off above the waistband and finished the raw edges on the top of the top. 
  2. I then removed the straps from the dress and re-attached them to the top of the skirt to make the new top.
  3. The final step was to cut the skirt in half widthways so I could remove some of the length but keep the lace trim on bottom.

That’s it! After finishing all the seams I’m very happy with a new top and glad I was able to reuse an item of clothing and it cost me nothing!