This year I’m trying to work on making  few more dressed up items, as they are missing in my wardrobe. I’m in the year of 21st birthdays, so while all events are postposed at the moment due to COVID-19, I’m sure I’ll have some uses for nice clothes after the lockdowns are over.

I initially bought this fabric from The Fabric Store for a self drafted dress I wanted to make. However I didn’t consider that that striped pattern on the skirt wouldn’t sit super nicely as a circle skirt. I had a bit of a sad sewing moment here but was very happy when this free wrap skirt pattern appeared in my instagram ads (and has continued to appear in my ads very often since!).  Made label have a currently minimal social media presence but seem to be a new sewing pattern company that have released this pattern to gain some interest. It’s a very simple and nice sew and the style works well in a more casual way, as they have styled it in animal print below, or more formal like mine.

This skirt calls for 3m of fabric, however after some inventive pattern cutting I managed to squeeze it out of 2m. I didn’t cut all the frills on the grain line, hence the pattern is going in different directions around the frill. I thought this would effect the hang of the frill a little but I didn’t have too many problems. I think the visual impact is minimal and mostly hidden in the busy print so I’m not too sad about this. I also ended up having to piece some pieces together with multiple bits of fabric so I would not recommend making this with 2m of fabric, however it’s probably possible to do with less than 3m.

I also ended up cutting the frill and waistband with a different right side than the body of the skirt. I really liked both sides of this fabric  and think the combination of the two adds some v nice visual interest to the skirt!

The instructions for this skirt are just written text no pictures. This is mostly fine for a simple skirt like this where, for someone with some experience with garment construction, the steps are fairly obvious. However, the waistband instructions perplexed me. I read and re-read but without pictures the instructions did not make any sense to me and I just chose my own method. I made a button hole on the waistband where the straps crossed for me, however I think the instructions were indicating a clearer method where instead of a button hole a seam made an opening  in the waistband. Made label indicated they were working on video content to accompany the instructions which would likely clear this up!

This pattern is a one size fits all, due to the wrap style, making it adjustable. This is a good feature as it is easy to fit however I would probably make some changes if I made it again to make it fit better for me. The side seams sit a little to the front of my body so I would like to reduce the width of the back piece so that they sit more on my sides.

I also ended up sewing the front frill into more of a swirl. This was how the fabric wanted to sit however (potentially because I didn’t cut on the grainline) wasn’t structurally strong enough and awkwardly hung forward instead. I think I may have pressed this down a little too much for photos and it has less movement than unpressed but I do this this creates a really nice effect.  As I used a heavier weight fabric than what was recommended  this reduced fabric bulk at the front of the skirt. I also decided to omit the top frill on the wrap side that was underneath. It caused wrinkling of the upper fabric where the skirt sat, and was hidden by the upper part of the wrap anyway.

Overall I am really happy with this skirt. I think this fabric may have been a little too much as a dress so I’m glad this pattern appeared in my feed just when I was ready to leave this fabric in the cupboard for another time. I wore this skirt just with a black turtleneck for our household isolation family easter lunch and very much enjoyed wearing it. It was also nice to get dressed up after staying inside for a few weeks, even if it was just to go to the living room. I’m very excited to wear this skirt outside of my home later in the year!

Fabric – The Fabric Store (I think it’s some sort of textured cotton blend/weave but unsure!)

Pattern- Frankie Wrap Skirt– Made Label